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If you are located in Southern/Central Ontario...

Please email us for an up-to-date price list and photos.

Simply email info@JCIaquariums.com and let us know which organization you represent.

Complete Customized Systems Below...
(maintenance rates may vary per current pricing)

System 101

35g glass hexagon

System 102

55g glass

System 103

55g glass w cab

System 104

55g acrylic

System 105

55g acrylic w cab

System 106

75g acrylic

System 107

75g acrylic w cab

System 108 & 109

75g acrylic reef

System 110

100g acrylic fresh

System 111 & 112

150g acrylic reef

System 113 & 114

225g acrylic fresh

System 115

225g acrylic reef

System 117

360g acr reef
extra tall 36H

System 124

285g double bullnose w insert

All prices are in Canadian Funds



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