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New Marketing for Visionaries- Excerpt from Newsletter 01:

...  The aquarium's presence served as a relaxing balm for customers...   provided a comforting de-stressor for staff on their breaks. In fact, the aquarium adds so much life to the front lobby that much of the company’s activities tend to centre around that area. ...

photo credit: ...The magnetic pull of “living art” is so strong that customers will come in just to look at the aquarium . ...

...the expense of an aquarium is actually a marketing investment that attracts new and repeat customers (while improving employee productivity and morale).

Now more than ever, today’s companies need to step outside the boundaries of old-time advertising, in order to maintain the competitive edge.  Marketing and office design are both in need of a makeover for this 21st century. It is no longer effective to just repeat the same old patterns with this new economy and bulging competition.

Consumers are seeking emotional stimulation while being conscientious buyers. Shock advertising is, well, no longer shocking. 

So how do we get the attention of our prospective customers? By giving them something markedly different. In this current marketplace, forward-thinking entrepreneurs are turning to soothing rounded designs, Feng Shui architecture, calming environments, and cooler colours such as indigo...

Changing the status quo has always been a courageous adventure. It must have been a daunting task when small-town Soda Fountains moved out of the drug stores and into their own buildings, - when zoos put people inside and the animals outside, - when empires were built on nickel and dime sales, -  and important documentation began transmitting over telephone lines,…!

Such is progress; at first unthinkable, then possible, - finally unstoppable!

Will you be the leader of your industry by setting a pace that tells your customer; 

We Go Beyond The Ususal In Welcoming You

Will you be one of the visionaries who chooses to set the precedent?

Contact JCI to discuss your individual vision.

Let’s see if we can stir the pot and get people talking about YOUR business!



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