Feng Shui

Adding Harmony & Prosperity To Your Environment

In simple terms, Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement (for interior, landscape or architectural design). The goal is to optimize health, wealth, and harmony. Over 4000 years old, this revived art form is now commonly used in business as a  remedy for problems concerning cashflow or cooperation. Pro-active  companies optimize their environments by implementing Feng Shui  principles before problems occur.

It is believed that the flow of energy in a room plays a role on the behaviour of the inhabitants, or visitors. A balanced  and unobstructed flow of energy can soothe and inspire people. By adding key elements in carefully selected places, the  design can be a predictable catalyst for inciting consistent  behaviours.

Behavioral responses to a  positive energy flow include; an increased level of comfort or  familiarity, generosity, cooperation, kindness, patience, clear  thinking, feeling inspired, positivism, improved physical energy,  restfulness, and so on..

Naturally, the customer  who feels these positive effects will become a cooperative, tolerant, appreciative, and loyal patron. This is  why many large corporations are incorporating these principles in  their new builds, as well as their current locations.

According to Feng Shui principles, water,... healthy flowing water represents wealth and good fortune. It is a key element used by Licensed Feng Shui Designers. Any degree of flowing water can  have a positive effect, but it stands to reason that the greater the  mass, greater the benefit. If the water is so healthy that it can  support robust and lively forms of life, this is the most auspicious  element of all. 



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