Cue For Relaxation

Excerpt from Newsletter 02: Sometimes My Soul Needs A Kick-Start

Photo by Brigit Suslow - Lafayette Reservoir California...In our Western culture, it's such an accepted practice to be committed to one's work that rarely are we taught how to relax. Make no mistake! Relaxing is an art form for the overachiever. It must be learned and at first, even forced into your life!... It takes great wisdom to understand that all the effort is meaningless if one does not learn how to find relaxation within their own means. discover the value of an aquarium as a catalyst in the relaxation process. The aquarium eventually became an "anchor" for me. After several forced attempts at leisure, I had trained my mind to relax any time that I put myself in that environment. 

...It will not take long for you to learn the art of leisure when using a beautiful aquarium as your cue. Just try it once and you'll see what I mean;  Turn off the overhead lights in your business or home, find a comfortable spot and just watch the aquarium action. For maximum effectiveness, add a big and comfy leather chair with a side table for your favourite drink. A word of warning on this one; you might consider a chair on wheels as the fish activity can be intoxicating enough that you'll find yourself moving closer and closer to the tank! The purpose of relaxation will be defeated if one must stand to see the intricate details of nature's enticing biotope.

Don't forget to add a second chair for the occasional chat with your significant other. The warmth of this setting can have dramatic healing properties on a relationship.

...While you're sitting there, enjoying a taste of nature indoors, remember that all things good begin with the seed of thought (so you can feel productive while sitting there!). While you may not make this relaxing-thing a regular practice, it's sure nice to know that the next time your soul needs a kick-start, all you have to do is turn off the lights and pull up a chair. The rest of the process will fall into place naturally.



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